Tuesday, July 17, 2012

32 years young.

I turned 32 on July 9. I was woken up bright and early to Lucas and the kids singing "Happy Birthday to you." I got some great new Nike sneakers (hot pink and black.) Some new perfume, and lots of gift cards to my favorite stores; Home Goods, Ross, Target, Charming Charlie's and itunes. I am a spoiled girl indeed. The night before my birthday we had cake icecream with family. I made my own version of a chocolate, chocolate chip nothing bundt cake with cream cheese frosting. It was so easy to make and tasted amazing. It was a hit with everyone. It was fun to celebrate my birthday with my family on both sides. For my birthday, my sister Kim and her hubby Sam booked me a room at the Golden Nugget. It was an awesome surprise because they also offered to take the kids overnight. On my actual birthday, we dropped the kids off with Kim and went straight to dinner at an Italian Restaurant called Brio at Tivoli Village. It was amazing. Then we browsed Charming Charlies which is an accessory store with jewelry etc in just about every color you can imagine. I got lost in there for 45 minutes and couldn't decide on what to buy. Next we went to Towne Square to watch the new Spiderman movie in 3D. We really enjoyed it. We got back to the hotel late and pretty much crashed. Its a really nice hotel. The next day Lucas had a training class early, so we got up and left right away. Later that day, my sister and her 4 kids and me and my 4  kids went back to the hotel to the pool. It is just amazing. There is a huge circular pool and in the middle of the pool there is a huge shark tank. Then there is a tube slide that goes right through the middle of the shark tank. It's just beautiful and so much fun. The kids were in heaven. The day itself was a scorcher at 113 degrees. The place was packed. Every deck chair was full and there were people everywhere. We stayed in the pool the whole time. It was such a fun couple of days.

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The Flying Endorphin said...

happy birthday young one! was fun to spend the day at the pool with you and kids xoxoxo