Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Idaho Trip

My sister Trudi had a baby girl at the beginning of August. They named her Layla Blake Matlock. She is a beautiful doll and is the perfect baby. Her big brother Noah loves her and is so sweet with her. They live in Idaho, so we took the trip up there last week for the blessing. What a lovely day it was. My mam was able to travel up with us. She was a great help with the kids and we had fun visiting with each other. My sister Kim and her family also drove up for the blessing. We had a fun weekend, full of fun and wayyyy too much yummy food. My kids had fun playing with their cousins too. The weather was nice and cool and it was nice to get away for the weekend.

Back to School

The boys are excited for a new year at their school. Tyrone is in 1st grade. He has a fun teacher who is bubbly and energetic. Exactly what Tyrone needs. He has a few kids in his class from Kindergarten so he was happy to see a few friendly faces. Gavin is in 3rd grade this year. He has a male teacher who seems to be fun and mellow and all the kids seem to really like him. Gavin has lots of friends in his class from last year, so he is excited to continue those friendships from 2nd grade. My boys are getting so big, but I am excited to see how they grow and mature this school year. I am so proud of them.