Monday, August 25, 2014

Back To School

Isla started Preschool. She was so excited to have school and make new friends. I do a co-op with 5 other mom's from church. It is only on Monday's for 2 hours. There are 3 boys and 3 girls. It's great for them to play together and we work on letters and do a craft. It's perfect for Isla as she still has another year before Kindergarten. Niamh started Kindergarten. She got the AM session, which I was really hoping to get. I had also requested Mrs. Soto, who was Tyrone's teacher in first grade. She's awesome. Niamh was so excited to be finally going to school. I know she will be an amazing student. Tyrone got Mrs. Hartman. She is new to the school this year, but seems nice and perfect for Tyrone's personality. Gavin has 4 different teacher's this year. I can't believe this is his last year in Elementary School. He is so tall and grown up. This year will prepare him for the middle school schedule and rotations. He works hard in school and I know he'll have a great year.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Twin Falls Trip

We decided to take a last minute trip to Twin Falls, Idaho to visit my sister Trudi and her family. Lucas and the boys had never been to their new place since they moved there and I had only been there for one day before picking up my dad over a year ago. It was really fun to see the canyon and walk the trails. It's a really pretty place. We spent the weekend with them, it went by too fast. We had to stop in Ely on the way home and get a picture for Gavin with the tank there. It's tradition now. We wished we lived closer to Trudi & Tyler and the kids, but we cherish these visits.

Noah & Aideen

Gavin, Layla & Isla

Isla, Niamh, Gavin, Aideen, Noah, Tyrone & Layla

Gavin & "The Tank"

Monday, August 11, 2014

Abbott Reunion

We went to Pine Valley, Utah for an Abbott Reunion. It was just a day thing. There was lots of Abbott cousins to talk with and lots of yummy food. The kids had a great time exploring in the woods and there was a water faucet there that they managed to keep migrating to. There was also a silent auction and a reader's theater from the lives of Lucas' grandparents Thelma and Philip Abbott. We had a lovely day there all together. We stayed the night in St. George and rented a house. This house was awesome. There was a pool, trampoline, playroom, 5 bedrooms, full kitchen, big yard. It was perfect for Lucas' family to all stay in with all our kids. They had a blast. We even got to visit with the cousin's Autumn and Kamy, who we don't get to see too often. It was a memorable weekend.
Joyce, Julia, Lynn & Phylis (Lucas Aunts & Uncle)
Some Abbott cousins
Sharing an IBC rootbeer, honoring Garth on the anniversary of his passing

Isla, Aideen & Jada being silly with Grandma
All the Abbott cousins in the St. George Temple visitor's center

Monday, August 4, 2014

Aideen at 4 months

Aideen grew so much this month. She weighed 16lbs at her 4 month baby well-check. She rolled over this month for the first time. Still no sign of any teeth for now, but mommy doesn't mind too much. Aideen loves sleeping in mommy and daddy's bed and refuses to sleep in her crib. This little girl knows her mind already and is as feisty as her big sisters. She loves being around all the noise and commotion and is definitely a momma's girl. She always has to have eyes on me, when I'm not holding her. Even though it's inconvenient at times, I pretty much love that I'm her bestie.