Thursday, February 7, 2013

Happy Birthday Lucas!

Lucas celebrated his 31st Birthday on January 28th. We woke him up singing "Happy Birthday" and let him open his presents. The kids were very excited because the boys had picked out a gift for him and the girls had also picked one out. Lucas loved all his gifts. We had breakfast, sent the boys off to school and went and got donuts with Niamh and Isla. Lucas had planned to go to work that night, but ended up taking the day off. We went and took Gavin and Tyrone out of school early and went to Metro Pizza for an early dinner. We don't always take the kids out to eat because it's usually crazy, not to mention kind of expensive. It was fun and the pizza was yummy. I think Lucas had a pretty great day. We also celebrated his birthday the weekend before by going out with his mom and his siblings and their wives and my sister and her hubby. We went to our favorite sushi place in Las Vegas; Ta Ta's Asian Bistro. They have the best sushi. Our favorite are The Yao Ming rolls. We had a really fun time, eating and chatting and then we went back to Lucas' mom's house where we had cake and icecream and talked some more.

Floyd Lamb FHE

We went to Floyd Lamb State Park one Monday night for Family Home Evening. It was a treat because Lucas had taken the night off work and we finally had some nice weather. We only live about 5 miles from this beautiful park which has over 2,000 acres. Every time we go, which is rare, I ask myself why we don't get a season pass to go there more. There are several lakes, where you can fish or have a picnic or barbecue. There are walking and bike trails also. They also have lots of geese and swans, the kids enjoyed seeing. The highlight of our outing was that the kids got to play in the leaves. They rolled in them, threw them up in the air, threw them at each other. We don't have those kind of trees in our yard, so they loved being able to have that many leaves to play in.