Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Back 2 School

Tyrone is in Kindergarten this year. Gavin is in 2nd grade. They both really like their teachers. Their school is literally 2 minutes away. There are a lot of kids from church that go to their school. Tyrone is in the afternoon session of Kindergarten. He was so excited for school to start, he was counting down from 2 weeks before. Gavin is a little bit more reserved with his excitement. He hasn't made many friends yet, so he is still nervous going to school every day. I know before long they will be having lots of fun at school and making lots of friends.


We've been busy this month. We traded in our old van and bought a brand new Toyota Siena. It had only 5 miles on it. We love it. It's amazing. Our old van was brand new when we bought it in 2007, but it has been in the shop 7 times in a year for the same issue. Thank goodness we bought an extended warranty. Our van left us stranded many times, including the day Isla was born and the day of Lucas' dad's funeral. That was the final straw. We got a terrific deal and we are very happy with our purchase. In other news, Gavin and Tyrone started Soccer. Tyrone's team is "The Gladiators" and his coach is none other than his dad. He is very excited about this. Gavin's team is the "MVP's" and he is excited to play soccer again. Their practices are on the same day, so it's a little crazy around here on a Thursday. We also had some friends visit. Lucas' really good friend Dallas and his family were in town visiting family. We haven't seen them for a few years. It was great to catch up and meet their cute kids. Lucas was called to the Elders Quorum Presidency as first counselor also. Our Sundays and Tuesdays just got a whole lot busier, but Lucas is happy to serve wherever he can. He'll be great. We have had a great summer, so much has happened. Lots of happy and sad times. I am so ready for this heat to go away and to embrace the fall.

Tyrone's Pre-K Graduation

Tyrone had his preschool graduation a week after Isla was born. I completely forgot to post this occasion. Tyrone was part of a Joyschool group for most of the year until we moved. He had so much fun with all his friends and he learned a lot about the world we live in and how to get along and be happy. Here are some pics of the graduation.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A DEVINE Reunion

At the beginning of August, we had a family reunion/staycation weekend here in Las Vegas. I say staycation for my sister and me, but my two other sisters and my mam traveled. We each planned a day, provided the food and activities and so on. We got to do lots of fun things including a free acrobat show at Circus Circus, manicures and pedicures for all the girls. A morning hike, ancestor spotlights, water games, lots of yummy food. My sister Kim and her hubby rented a backyard Oasis for 2 hours, where there were 2 cliffs, 3 slides, a sunken outdoor kitchen, a volleyball net and a 16ft deep pool for us all to enjoy. I think that was the highlight of the whole reunion. The Devine's in America started with just 6 people. My mam and her 5 children. The Devines in America in 2011 are 20 strong. With all of us living in different parts of the country, it was great to regroup and spend time together. We had some great laughs and created more memories. Here are some pics of some of my favorite people.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Isla~2 months old

Isla is the happiest baby ever. Her face lights up when she smiles. She has a happy hour every night where she squeels and giggles. She loves her swing and she loves mommy and daddy's bed. She is our little gem.

Friday, August 12, 2011