Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Summer Time Fun.....

Kami, Kim, Trudi, Ryan, Mandy & Lucas

Tyrone laying down the law.....

Gavin & Ryan

We went to my sister Kim's house last week for a BBQ and to swim. It was a really hot day and we hadn't seen them since before we went to Ireland. It was fun to catch up and for Gavin and Tyrone to play with their cousins. They don't get to see them enough. I have to say that I am very grateful for swimming pools in Las Vegas. Especially in the summer and being pregnant.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Mandy turns 28.

I turned 28 on July 9th. We returned to the States from Ireland on July 7th, so I didn't have a lot of time to even realize that my birthday was 2 days later. Lucas as usual made the day very special for me. I opened presents on Wednesday when he got home from work. He bought me two Maeve Binchy books that I have wanted to read for a while. Some gorgeous earrings. My favorite and biggest surprise was an hour long facial and manicure. I cannot wait to go to the spa and have these treatments. I think pregnant women appreciate these kind of gifts more than usual. My mother-in-law, Diana watched Gavin and Tyrone while Lucas and I went to eat at the Cheesecake Factory and a movie, "Get Smart." The movie was very funny and the Cheesecake Factory is always yummy and one of our favorite places to eat. The best part about going out on my birthday was that Lucas and I finally had some alone time. We had a wonderful time in Ireland, but we realized it was a very long time to be away from home. We were also very aware that we had not had a break from the boys for a whole month. Lets just say my patience had worn very thin.

It has taken us about a week to settle back in and get rid of the jet lag. The boys were waking up at 4am most mornings, but we were all in bed by 8pm most nights, so we were getting our rest. Things are slowly back to normal. I am 7 months pregnant today and feeling very big and uncomfortable. Nothing seems to fit anymore, but I refuse to wear p.j pants all the time, just yet. I did get some birthday money, so I was able to get some bigger maternity shorts. Lucas is planning on testing for a position as an FTO (field training officer) on his squad on the 21st. He will train new officers who have just graduated from the academy. Lucas is a great teacher, so I am sure he will do well in this position. He is a hard worker also, so I know he will pass the test. Gavin went back to school and is doing very well. His teacher noticed that he is talking a lot more clearly and using more vocabulary. His school year ends on August 8 and he returns for the new school year on August 25. He loves going to school and he loves his teacher. His bus driver says he is the best kid on the bus and his favorite. This is his school picture, taken in May. My baby boy is growing up.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

A Night of Song and Dance!

Freddy MercuryI found myself out of my comfort zone once again. It has become sort of a tradition that while we are here in Ireland we have a karaoke night with many of the neighbors. I always promise myself that I won't sing, but I won't lie, I was anticipating the microphone and when the chance came up I took it. While the crowd become more and more inebriated I figured I would take a chance and sing a Queen song....Bohemian Rhapsody. Yes this was quite a difficult song choice, but I belted it out with all I had. To my surprise they loved it. I think the drink had distorted their sense of hearing and they thought I was actually Freddy Mercury. No! I was not dressed like the above picture, but I must admit I had a blast. Of course there is no excuse for my behavior singing and acting like a fool because, of course, I wasnt drinking alcohol. As for the rest..excluding Mandy, were three sheets to the wind. We all sang from about 8pm until 3am. Mandy took up the microphone and gave us a wonderful rendition of " Mama Mia" by Abba.[EP] Mama Mia 2 (ABBA)
She tried to act all reserved at first but eventually let it all out and was dancing around the room. By the end of it all, we were all pretty tired. It was rough this morning getting up but we managed.

Friday, July 4, 2008

America's Day

Happy 4th of July to everyone. We are still in Dublin! I Have to say Im not a huge Niel Diamond fan, but today on the Irish radio they were playing "Coming to America." It made me really homesick and I felt a surge of Patriotism. Hope everyone will light some fireworks for us and remember the sacrifice of millions that made us free.