Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Isla's First Birthday Party

We had a swim party at my sister Kim's house for Isla's first birthday. Both Nana and Grandma were there, along with aunts, uncles and cousins. We had lunch and cake and icecream. We also had a pinata for the kids. We began the day with presents, which Isla enjoyed as she got to rip wrapping paper and pull tissue paper out of gift bags. She got her first baby doll and a fun birthday cake toy. I made a banner using pictures from each month of the first year of her life. It turned out so cute, I love seeing all the different looks she had each month. I also made a pink 4 layer almond cake. It was a new recipie and it turned out fabulous. I was very happy with it. It was an exhausting day for Lucas and I, but so fun to celebrate a year of Isla with everyone. She loved stuffing her face with cake and loved all her birthday gifts. We love our baby girl!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Isla at 12 months

Isla is 1 year old. I can't believe how fast that year flew by. I have enjoyed every moment. Isla Maeve is the sweetest, calmest, most content baby I have had by far. She is so smart and always seems to know more that she can say :) She fits in perfectly with our family. She loves her big brothers and follows them around and tries to play their games. She loves Niamh and I often catch them giggling together, sitting on the stairs. Isla loves to pull Niamh's hair and Niamh is very patient with her. I hope they will be best buds. I did a little photo shoot with Isla and she wasn't too happy to model for the camera, but I got some pretty nice shots of her. She is our sweet little wise owl.

Our Kindergarten Grad.

Tyrone graduated from Kindergarten on June 1. He was so excited because the kids were performing 3 songs at graduation. A song called "kids", "Seasons of Love" (from the musical; Rent) and "Stand by me." I couldn't believe how each kid knew every single word of every song. It was a lovely program. Both Grandma Abbott and Nana Devine came to celebrate with Tyrone. He was so happy. Tyrone has had an awesome teacher this year. Ms. Scott has taught Tyrone so much this year. She is fun, loving and she encourages them to use their imaginations. I had the opportunity to volunteer in Ty's class several times this year, and it was so fun. He has a great group of friends and a wonderful teacher. He will miss her. I am so proud of my big boy Tyrone. He is so smart and I know he is going to love going to 1st grade next year.

Friday, June 8, 2012

UFC party

This was our get together for the UFC 146 (Dos Santos vs. Mir)event. We invited some family over and had some yummy food. Lucas and I have been watching the reality show "The Ultimate Fighter" so we decided we would watch an actual pay-per-view fight. Dos Santos beat Mir and it wasn't the most exciting fight we saw. Some of us were caught of guard by the goriness of some of the fights. We actually had to pause one fight so as not to traumatize the kids. Needless to say for all of us being new to UFC fights, we got our money's worth :) ;

End of season soccer party

The boys had their end of the season soccer party a few weeks ago. It was at Centennial Hills water park. We had pizza, played in the water and had a water balloon fight. Then the boys were awarded with trophies and goody bags. They had a great season and their coach was awesome!