Friday, June 8, 2012

UFC party

This was our get together for the UFC 146 (Dos Santos vs. Mir)event. We invited some family over and had some yummy food. Lucas and I have been watching the reality show "The Ultimate Fighter" so we decided we would watch an actual pay-per-view fight. Dos Santos beat Mir and it wasn't the most exciting fight we saw. Some of us were caught of guard by the goriness of some of the fights. We actually had to pause one fight so as not to traumatize the kids. Needless to say for all of us being new to UFC fights, we got our money's worth :) ;


Kim Bee said...

that was a fun night.....can't wait to do it again. Love all the pix.

LEWandBEV said...

Love the pics, ya's all look great!We love the show here too :) Looks like lots of fun. Loves