Thursday, March 25, 2010


Lots of stuff has been going on. Gavin had his second game last Saturday. The Blazers vs. The Jitterbuggs. Don't underestimate them by their name. They killed the blazers. The final score was 29-3. I'm pleased to announce that Gavin scored two of his teams goals. He is learning a lot and is really enjoying playing soccer. He also lost 2 teeth in 2 days. Lucas was worried that he was too young to start losing teeth, but I assured him that he wasn't. Gavin was very excited to put his teeth under his pillow and even more excited when the tooth fairy visited his house two nights in a row.
Lucas went to a 2 day gang conference and did a ride along with the gang bureau. He is interested in testing for the detective bureau but is unsure what area he wants to go into. He had a good experience riding along with the gang bureau, but he decided its not for him right now. We only have one car so a lot of these decisions are affected by that. We both hope this is the last year Lucas has to work the graveyard shift. It definitely takes its toll and I know Lucas is ready for a change.
My sister Trudi and her husband Tyler welcomed their first baby into the world on March 18. Noah Vann Matlock was born 4 weeks early. He weighed 7lbs 2oz. My mam was able to be in Idaho with Trudi and Tyler during this time. Little Noah had to spend a week in the hospital as his lungs were underdeveloped. My sister Trudi was a superwoman and Tyler is such a rock to her. I know this was such a trying, emotional time for both of them. Many prayers were said on behalf of little Noah. Each day Noah showed his "fighting Irish" side and surprised the doctors and nurses and improved and made sure he got to go home within a week. He is a little fighter and a gorgeous little soul. We are heading to Burley, Idaho this week to visit The Matlock Family. I can't wait to hold my little nephew.

Lucas' grandmother Thelma McKnight Abbott left this world this past Tuesday. She was 95 years old. What a woman! She was the epitomy of hard work and service. She was always working in her garden and served many years in the temple. She left an impressive legacy of 50 grandchildren and 161 great grandchildren and 18 great great grandchildren. She will be missed by many but we find comfort in knowing she has been reunited with her husband and other family members.

I have been thinking a lot this week about the arrivals and departures of life. My little nephew Noah has just begun his journey in this life. There is so much for him to learn and accomplish throughout his life. The world will change, he will see much. Then I think of grandma Thelma, she was born in 1915. She often spoke of the first vacation that she remembers, traveling in a covered wagon. She witnessed technological advances, a man on the moon, each decade with it's trends and pioneers. What a rich life she led. It really puts it into perspective that this life is really a journey and not a destination. I'm grateful for these life lessons.


LEWandBEV said...

I loved your post, and so true of many lessons and we should appreciate and learn from each experience and examples we are given. It's great to see pics of Gavin at his games, he is a soccer star, no doubt ;) Have fun this weekend and travel safe. Give Noah a big kiss from his Auntie Bev. xoxo

jamie t. said...

What a beautiful new baby and an amazing woman. 95!!! Wow.

Andrea said...

Good for Gavin! I bet he was so excited. Yes, Trudi and Tyler definitely do good work, little Noah is gorgeous!

Renee' P said...

Congrats to Trudi and I hope Noah continues to improve and keep the weight on!

Rachelle said...

Your right "life is a journey, not a destination" and yet I forget that important point often. I'm so happy for Trudi and Tyler and little Noah.