Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Gavins 1st Game

Gavin's soccer team, The Blazers had their first game against The Avatars this past Saturday. Gavin liked the Avatar's uniforms because they were his favorite color, blue. The game started, 3 on 3. The Avatars looked older and much taller than Gavin and his teammates. The Avatars scored goal after goal. Then one of Gavin's teammates scored a goal. Yay Blazers! Lucas was at a Gang Conference on Saturday but was able to drop by the game on his lunch break. He really wanted to see Gavin score a goal, but we didn't think it would happen this first game. The second half started and out of nowhere Gavin got a new boost of energy and zest and scored a goal. Several minutes later he got the ball from midfield and took it to the goal, scoring a second goal. I was yelling and screaming from the sidelines, so proud and happy of my little soccer star. The final score was Avatars 11 Blazers 3. Gavin didn't notice the team's loss, but celebrated his personal victory with a slurpee.


The Matlocks said...

Omigosh....so cute! I bet you were a right sight screaming on the sidelines. Ah now! He's so cute!

Kim Bee said...

packy boner is a goner! Gavin looks good out there....he's got it in his blooood! sure da is proud as punch - or guinness!!