Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A Burley Trip

Day 1 & 2
We travelled to Burley, Idaho on Saturday to see our new nephew Noah. Grandma Abbotts funeral was that morning at 10am. It was a beautiful service and a celebration of her life. We left Vegas at 12:30pm and arrived in Burley at 9pm. It was a long day for everyone especially Niamh who decided not to take a nap all day. We had breakfast with Trudi & Tyler on Sunday morning and spent lots of time with their sweet baby Noah. He is a little angel. I didn't hear him cry once when we were there. He slept and made the cutest faces in his sleep. I could have cuddled him forever. Trudi is a great mom and a natural and Tyler is such a doting dad. I actually heard him volunteer to change Noah's dirty diaper. What man does that? He's a keeper. We went to church with Tyler and had pizza for dinner. I've missed my sister, it was so fun to catch up and gossip about everyone. I wish we could have stayed longer. We'll be returning to Burley in May for Noah's blessing.

Day 3 & 4
On Monday, we headed to Salt Lake City. We went to Temple Square and spent time taking pictures and walking around. We love to visit Temple Square, I always get such a special feeling while I am there. Seeing a city that was settled in the middle of the mountains by the early pioneers. All the sacrifices they made to travel to the Salt Lake Valley. The magnificant Salt Lake Temple, that took 40 years to construct. It's just beautiful. Some of our ancestors from Lucas' side actually worked on the Temple. It was great to watch the curiosity that the boys and Niamh had for all the temple square sites. Tyrone kept saying that it reminded him of Disneyland.
That evening we visited with Lucas' grandparents. The kids were a little tired after the long day so we didn't stay long, but it was fun to spend time with Grandpa and Grandma Wood. We wish we lived closer and could spend more time with them.
The hotel had an indoor pool, which was heated and felt like a really warm bath. Needless to say, we spent hours swimming. We made a breakthrough with Tyrone. He had a scary experience in my sister's pool last summer and has been terrified to get in any pool since then. We were able to help him overcome his fear and he trusted himself to once again embrace the pool and had a great time swimming around. It was hard to get him out when it was time to leave. I'm so relieved that he has been able to overcome this fear of water. I'm very proud of him.
We headed home on Tuesday morning. It was nice to get away and we look forward to our next trip.


LEWandBEV said...

Sounds like such a fun trip. I am jealous! The pics are so good, and it looks like you all had a great time. Loving the Noah pics of course, just can't get enough of him :)

Kim Bee said...

cute post....your camera is awesome. Love all the pix but love the one of niamh and tyler - its so clear! glad you guys had here now and seriously NOAH???? soooooo cute! talk soon sis xoxo

The Matlocks said...

Just so you know, the bitchin beard is gone!