Saturday, October 11, 2014

Idaho Trip

We took a little trip up to Twin Falls in October for my sister Trudi's baby Rocco's blessing. It was so awesome to finally meet the little man. What a sweetie! We went for the weekend and we got to do lots of fun things. My mam's birthday was over the weekend, so we all went to a buffet and surprised her with a cake and presents. She was thrilled. The baby blessing was Sunday. What a special day it was. Tyler gave Rocco a beautiful blessing. Afterwards, we went back to Trudi's house and stuffed our faces with delicious food. After dinner we went for a walk by Perrine Bridge, what a beautiful view they have there. We are always sad to say goodbye to Trudi and Tyler, Noah, Layla and Rocco, but we love going to visit too.

Isla and Rocco
Niamh and Rocco
Layla, Aideen and Noah
Gavin & Tyrone got haircuts (The Euro)
Happy Birthday Nana
The Matlock Family
Some of the grandkids
Perrine Bridge
Nana Reading to the grandkids

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