Friday, July 4, 2014

The 4th of July 2014

We celebrated the 4th of July in Alamo, Nevada this year. It's a family tradition now and it's also where my mam lives. We look forward to the small town parade. The kids love when the people on the floats throw candy and they run to grab as much as they can. They have booths with food and crafts to buy. They have a big water slide and jumpy house. They have Volleyball and Basketball tournaments going throughout the day and also a whole cowboy poetry program. We usually don't stay down long in town because it is so hot, so we go back to my mam's house to the air conditioning. My mam also has a pool, so the kids love to go swimming. My brother Scott and his girlfriend came down to visit from Utah and my brother-in-law Sam also came with his 4 kids. We had lots of fun. Later on, we went down to the park to get ready for the fireworks. There was a live band who were doing covers of lots of different famous hits. They were pretty good. The fireworks are the best!!! Seriously, you are sitting right under them and when they play the patriotic music along with them, it's really awesome. Such a fun day to celebrate America's Independance with family.
Cousin Fun
No one I'd rather be with

Scott & Shailee

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