Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Aideen at 3 months

We took lots of pics of the lil puddin this month and I couldn't resist posting most of them. She has started recognizing all of us and the minute she makes eye contact with any of us, she instantly smiles and her face lights up. It's the sweetest thing. This girl is teething big time. She chews on anything she can get her hands on and is drooling like crazy. She refuses to sleep in her crib and is so content in mommy and daddy's bed. She takes up the whole middle and Lucas and I are perched on each of our sides. She's got more hair coming in and I detect maybe a little red in there. Lucas is happy about that. Aideen loves all her siblings. It's so nice to have older brother's who can come hold her, when I'm trying to get things done. She gets endless kisses all day from her sisters, who also love taking turns holding her. She loves bath time and the water puts her right to sleep almost immediately. She has also found her voice and likes to yell and squeel. We're loving this stage of Aideen's life and can't wait to see what fun things she'll continue to do next month.

Loving the Bumbo

Nana & Aideen
We love when Auntie Bev and Nana come to visit

Looking up to big brother Gavin

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