Wednesday, August 14, 2013

San Diego Part 2

USS Midway
It has been one of Gavin's dreams to tour the USS Midway. It is a Naval Aviation Museum in San Diego. There are 60 exhibits and a collection of 29 restored aircrafts.  We have walked by the USS Midway many times on other trips to San Diego and Gavin has always wanted to take the tour. We promised him he would get to do it on this trip, so his dad took him and Uncle Tyler went too.  He had a blast and loved every minute of the tour.


Breakers Beach (Coronado Island)

We went to the beach one day. We were able to go onto the Naval Base on Coronado Island to a beach there, called Breakers Beach. It was so nice. We practically had the beach to ourselves. The kids had fun building sand castles and swimming. The water was perfect. We eventually got over run by lots of seaweed in the water, but it was still tons of fun. I grew up right by the ocean in Ireland, so I always feel at home by the sea. It was a perfect day.


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Kim Bee said...

first time seeing most of these - cool :)