Thursday, August 15, 2013

San Diego Part 1

We took a family vacation to San Diego in July. My sister Trudi and her family came along, as well as my Mam. Our sister Beverley and her husband Lewis live in San Diego, so they got to tag along too. We had 3 days of fun things planned. We got a great hotel, right by the bay. It was a great location for everywhere we went. The weather was perfect, the food divine and we made great memories along the way.

Mormon Battalion Historic Site

The Mormon Battalion Historic Site is located in Old Town San Diego. It tells about how 559 Latter-Day Saint men and women enlisted in the U.S army during the Mexican-American war. Its an interactive tour through the 2,000 mile journey they took from Iowa to California. It tells about the contributions they made to establishment and building up of the early California settlements. They were instrumental in discovering gold at Sutter's Fort and making trails that were used by thousands during the gold rush. It was really fun for the kids, because we got to move from room to room, they had videos and interactive rooms were we got to experience the trip these people would have taken and the obstacles they faced. At the end of the tour, the kids got to pan for gold and you can take home a little gold nugget. There is an old fashioned water pump the kids could play with as wells as seeing how bricks were made. They can use and old washboard or view Old Town San Diego from a look out tower. This tour is free and is so fun and interactive and informative.


Some views from our hotel

We got to spend some time with some of our Wood cousins
Lucas with his cousin Angela
We had dessert at this amazing place. Ice cream cookie sandwich delights
Lucas had some oysters at Anthony's (Yuck!)
Date Night at "Devine Pastabilites"
Not only was this place amazing because it is my maiden name, but they are famous for their torpedo French bread that they stuff with all types of pasta concoctions. We were in Carb heaven. Delicious!
San Diego Zoo Safari Park


Kim Bee said...

always love the pics. Isla is a little model. Glad you guys had an awesome vacation........gotta get going on next year?

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