Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Isla at 7 months

Isla's first word was "Mama." She loves to growl and make lots of noises. Whenever she hears upbeat music, she starts kicking her legs. An Irish dancer in training. Isla is not yet sleeping through the night, its my fault, I have been lazy about getting her on a sleeping schedule. Its never too late to begin. She took an hour nap in her crib for the first time today, so we're making progress. Isla is still a sweet baby, but her feisty side is definitely showing. She loves to grab her daddy's ear and chew on it. She loves to look at her brothers and sister playing. I know she can't wait to run around with them.She loves her bath and when I lay her back she goes crazy splashing her arms and kicking her feet. She is still a great eater. She sits up now and still rolls all over. She is starting to push herself backwards while on her belly so I know she will be crawling soon enough. We love our little princess.


Kim Bee said...

as cute and sweet as ever! Love your new background.

The Matlocks said...

She is so gorgeous. Little model! xo

jamie t. said...

She is so sweet... and those blue eyes are something else!