Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Isla at 4 months

Weight=16.5 lbs (90%)
Head size=44 cm (95%) That's the Abbott in her :)
Height=24 3/4in (75%)
Isla has had a busy month. She had two bottom teeth come in right before she turned 4 months. They came in together and I had no idea, she wasn't fussy or anything. She got her ears pierced. I know, you all think I'm a mean mom, but it's done now and she'll never remember the few moments of pain. Isla also started rolling over. The minute we lay her down on her back, she flips right over. Then she pushes herself up on her hands and squeels with glee. She hasn't figured how to roll back over yet, but I know she will any day. Isla has the funniest expressions, as you can see in some of the pics below. She is a joy to us all. She loves to giggle and the boys are constantly getting in her face trying to make her laugh. She is our little cuddler too. We all love this. She buries her head in our shoulder when we cuddle her. She is getting so big and she is the happiest baby ever.


The Matlocks said...

Booking a flight RIGHT NOW!!!! JK, but she is a little doll! She is the spit of you and Niamh. Sooooo cute! xoxo

The Flying Endorphin said...

love her dreamy eyes!!! She is such a sweet baby xo

jamie t. said...

She is such a sweetheart!