Thursday, February 3, 2011

It's about time for an update. First of all we are planning on moving in a few months. We're not sure exactly, but I'm hoping by at least April 1st. We are planning on moving back to the northwest side of town. We really miss it over there and are anxious to get back. I'm not exactly ready to pack up again. I hate packing and although most of our stuff is in storage, packing up for 5 people will still be a task. My mam has offered to come help and she is the best packer in the world, so I do have some hope. Isla is due on June 4, but I really don't expect her to make her appearance into the world until the next week. I'm anxious to move and unpack and be settled before she does come. I'm all about routine. The last few months have been stressful and I am ready for a big change.
Gavin is doing really well in school. He loves his teacher and his friends. We decided when we do move to keep him at his current school for the last few months, and commute everyday to his school. It is so important to me that he finishes a whole year at at least one school. He is so smart and has come such a long way. I am proud of him and grateful he has adjusted despite all upheavals in his educational journey this far.
Tyrone is in Joyschool 2 days a week. We will be sad to leave Joyschool early, but he may be able to still go if I'm bringing Gavin back over this side of town. Tyrone is so ready for Kindergarten this fall. He is bored out of his mind on the days he doesn't have Joyschool and he is constantly needing to be given things to keep him busy. He loves playing games on the computer (they're educational of course) and he had my phone figured out a few days after I got it. He's very smart and loves figuring out how things work.
Niamh is as wild as ever. She is such a tomboy one minute and a princess the next. When we go to the store, she always finds shoes or a dress that she wants and she defnitely has style already. It's fun having a little princess around. She loves Tom and Jerry and watches them everyday. She loves her brothers and loves sword fighting with them. She likes to scream at us when she doesn't get her way. I guess I am getting my own back with that, so I can't complain too much. Although, be assured, she doesn't get away with it, just like I didn't :)
Last week everyone at the house was sick except for me. Lucas and his mom had bronchitis, his dad had a cold, Gavin had a sinus infection, Tyrone had a cough and runny nose and Niamh had 2 ear infections. I felt like Florence Nightingale and was on the verge of losing my mind, but thank goodness all are on the mend this week. I'm praying I can stay healthy and not catch anything, so we'll see.
I have been reading up a storm. I've read almost 9 books already this year. I'm on my 9th book right now. I really love to read, but it has helped me escape so much as well. When I am stressed or needing some "me" time, I read. It's been awesome. I know I won't have as much time to read once the baby comes, so I guess I'm stocking up now.
Lucas is doing well at work. I usually know when he's had a stressful night at work. He doesn't always tell me what happened, at my request. Some of the stuff is just too disturbing. Last night, some neighbors called about a domestic dispute between a couple. Turns out the guy hit his wife in the face. He has been having an affair for months and the wife caught him. Lucas and his partner wanted to get a statement from this lady, who had a huge black eye. She didn't want to tell them anything. They can't force her. I know it made him mad, that they were trying to help her and she refused it. I guess he had a night of people fighting him the whole time. It's not an easy job. He loves it and I know he tries to make a difference where he can but I know it takes it's toll. I'm so grateful that we have the gospel in our lives and that we have the truthfulness. It has helped us so much lately.
Well, I haven't taken any shots of my enormous belly yet, but I will post one next post.


Andrea said...

Sounds like you have been busy this year! I love to read too, but I go in spurts, I'll read every day for months, then I'll stop and not read for a few months. I have a hard time since my boys are older and aren't as needy with me, I could seriously read all day everyday if I didn't limit myself.

The Matlocks said...

The illness's would push me over the edge. It is always 150 times worse if the husband is sick! Drama. Haha. I can't wait to see your belly!!! And, to show you what I got for Isla....shhhh, don't tell Tyler. lol. xoxo