Monday, July 13, 2009

Niamh at 8 months

Niamh is almost 9 months, so I wanted to post some pics while she is still 8 months. Niamh is so curious about everything. Her new favorite food is our dog, Duke's dry food/kibbles. She is so adventurous. She tries to follow her big brothers everywhere they go. We caught her climbing up the stairs one night in search of them. She is a "daddy's girl" at the moment and when he gets home from work every morning, she crawls as fast as lightening till she reaches him. Once her daddy lifts her up in his arms, no one else exists. She idolizes him and he loves it. She continues to be a joy and a blessing to us.


jamie t. said...

What a doll she is. It seems like just yesterday she was born. They grow too fast :)

Angela said...

She is so cute - I love her eyes! They always seem so full of wonder in all your pics.