Friday, April 3, 2009

California Dreamin'


The first swim of the year

This was Niamhs first encounter with the pool. She absolutely loved it. She was splashing like crazy and kept trying to get out of my arms to swim. I'm sure the fact that it was an indoor, heated pool had a lot to do with it. My kids are little water babies. We loved the hotel pool and swam there at least three times.

The San Diego Zoo

1. We went to the Zoo on Monday. Got there when it opened. Went straight to the Pandas. There were two chewing on Bamboo. They were beautiful.
2. Saw some Orangutans; they were funny to watch. We saw two wrestling like brothers, reminded me of Tyrone & Gavin.
3. Next came the Hippos, Bears, Monkeys Lions, Koala Bears & Flamingos. We saw lots of birds and deer. Needless to say, the Pandas were the favorite. The Elephant exhibit was closed,sadly.
4. We went up in the sky tram and looked out over the whole zoo. The view is spectacular, but I wouldn't know I was clinging for dear life to the boys incase we fell out.
5. We left after two hours, satisfied that we saw all the animals we wanted to. We also probably all walked 2 miles.

"The Happiest Place on Earth"

1. Our first day at Disneyland, we were there from 10am-10pm. We got on so many rides, I can't even remember the order. The second day we went for a few hours, ate churros, bread bowls and huddled together. It was a little chilly.
2. Buzz Lightyear, was the boys favorite.
3. They were terrified of Pirates of the Carribeann and The Haunted Mansion. Go figure :)
4. We waited 30 minutes for The Nemo Submarine ride. It was pretty entertaining.
5. We watched a parade celebrating all the birthdays. Lucas turned to me and said "So this is what its like to be in the middle of a musical." The boys & Niamh loved it.
6. The fireworks were fantastic, it was worth waiting until 9:30pm.
7. It's not very fun dealing with three, exhausted, grumpy kids leaving Disneyland at 10pm.
8. It was worth it all.

Last but not least, some things that we did not plan on doing on our trip to California.

I decided to cut my hair.

We drove by the San Diego Temple. What a magnificant sight.

We got in a little fender bender, the day before we left for Las Vegas. Nothing major, we nicked the back side of a Dodge Van. Luckily no damage to their vehicle but the right side of our bumper is smashed in. They make them cheap these days. I didn't get any pics of the bumper, its ugly.

We had a wonderful time in California and cannot wait until our next trip.


Liz Prisbrey said...

It sounds/looks like you had such a fun trip! All the pictures make me already miss it. I would love to go back sometime with just Jess and I. We are such kids! I see you and Lucas being the same way. Loved the zoo pictures. I bet that was so much fun. I remember going there when I was really young and have always wanted to go back.

jamie t. said...

What a great trip. I am glad that everything went well, despite the small accident. I also love your hair. Its always nice for a change!

Alexis Treese said...

1. Im jealous.
2. I love your haircut
3. I freaking love that you do the bow thing with your sweetheart!!

Angela said...

Cute pics! It looks like you guys had an amazingly fun time.

Kathy Miner said...

I am so glad you guys had a great time. Except of course your (fenderbender) oh how we hate those. They can do just enough damage to be noticeable. We are going to the park in the morning at 9:30, you can follow if you like. A few ladies in the ward will be there. Hope you can make it. I'll check with you in the morning. Oh, if you want to add us to your blog, we are the Miners.LOL

Bonnie said...

Your kids are so cute! Disney Land looks like fun :)


Michelle and Judson said...

how fun, you look so good, so skinny, and your hair looked so long, then I saw your post about you cutting it, haha. wish we could see you this summer, hope all is well, happy easter