Thursday, March 26, 2009

The latest

I can't believe it has been almost 2 weeks since we moved. We moved from one end of the city to the other and had seriously so much stuff. It was a little stressful trying to find a place for everything. We are very happy in our new home and are trying to get to know the new area. This house is a lot harder to keep clean with the whole downstairs being tile.

Gavin started at James Bilbray Elementary last Thursday and is already making new friends and loves his teacher. He is in the afternoon session, which is different but I get a lot done in the afternoon while Gavin is at school and Niamh is sleeping. It also gives me time to spend with my little Tyrone. He has been having a tough time lately and he needs this one on one.

(Gavin had Pajama Day today)

Niamh is finally ready for solid foods. She is so funny, anytime either Lucas and I are holding her and we are eating something like yogurt or icecream, she reaches out and tries to grab it. She is pretty quick too. She gets really mad when you pull the item away from her. I have to admit, we have given her a teeny bit of yogurt and icecream. We got her a new highchair and she likes being able to sit and look at everything thats going on. She is almost sitting up by herself, which I can't wait for.

Lucas is working hard and getting used to the commute to his station. His shifts have been busy and he even had to fight a guy last week who had possession of a stolen car, who resisted arrest. Needless to say my man won :) Lucas is such a hard worker and so good at his job. I am proud of him!

We are heading to California this next week for a well needed vacation. We are going to stay near San Diego and go to the San Diego Zoo and then head to Anaheim and go to Disneyland for a few days. We were there nearly a year ago and the boys still talk about the different rides and attractions. Needless to say they cannot talk about anything else. We got a new camera so we will have lots of pics of our little trip.


Liz Prisbrey said...

WHAT?!? Last I heard, you guys were staying over here! Oh how sad I feel! I know, not like we really saw each other all that much but it really brightened my Sundays when I would run into you guys! We really should get together again.

I can't wait to hear how Disneyland goes! :-)

Nicole said...

I am with Liz...I didn't know you were leaving! Good luck with your new ward and school and everything. I hope you guys love it.

Renee' P said...

I'm glad to hear that you are settling in your new home. That's great that Gavin is adjusting too.
Niamh is soooooooo cute! She looks so much like you!
Have so much fun in Cal! My brother in law lives in San Diego w/his family.

Love you

Prior Adams said...

The Adams family sends their Love. Have fun at Disneyland! We were just there a couple of weeks ago.

Kathy Miner said...

I am so glad to have you in our ward and neighborhood. It is so fun having a blog and seeing other peoples. Hope you like it over here. I too have hardwood floors and I spend half the day sweeping them. But very easy to clean.Have fun in Cali.Oh, what teacher does your son have at bilbray. Ethan has Ms. Citizen, morning.