Monday, June 23, 2008

St. Andrews, Scotland

Gavin in the graveyard of St. Andrews Cathedral. The ruins still show the foundation for most of this building which dates back to the 1300's. As seen in the picture below, part of the building is still standing. This is right on the east coast of Scotland and the Ocean breeze is FREEZING, blowing in from the North Sea....even in June. The famous golf course is right down the street.

We were trying to make it to the Castle here, but we were short on time. I wanted to get a picture of the castle at St. Andrews. While making our way down the street, we could hear someone begin to play bagpipes. It was so melodious and powerful. We followed the sound to an Episcopal church where we found this guy below. He was warming up for a wedding. He was kind enough to play "Scotland The Brave" for us. I have to admit, it was a pretty emotional thing standing there with the strength of the pipes blowing through the Scottish breeze playing one of my favorite tunes. It was icing on the cake for me!

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Jared Autrey said...

Dude! That's awesome! You guys look like you're having a blast. Thanks for the postcard! Now hurry up and come back so we can hang out!