Sunday, June 8, 2008

Kung Fu Panda!

We went to see Kung Fu Panda last night with Gavin and Tyrone! It was hilarious. The Matrix like fight scenes together with all the humor of Jack Black, makes this a MUST SEE summer movie. I would go see it again today but Mandy said no.....and we are leaving to Los Angeles. Well we are really excited about getting on the road. The boys really have no idea that anything is different. I think once we see the plane and sit in our seats they will get excited. Both Gavin and Tyrone like rockets and stuff so when the plane takes off I'm pretty sure it will capture their attention. Well Im off to the land that invented green, fish and chips, great futbol games, and a rich culture and land filled with castles and historical sites. We will try to update this in Dublin!


susana said...

That movie was great, our boys loved it, and are already quoting lines from it. So glad Jason didn't ruin for you by hyping it up too much. Hope you have a good trip keep us updated! I'll be checking your blog.

Amber and David said...

Hey strangers! This is Amber (Taylor) Cruz (from the university ward). Melissa said she came across your guys' blog so I thought I'd check it out and say hi! Your boys are adorable, can't believe your baby is 3 already! Time flies doesn't it? Looks like you guys are doing great and enjoying life. There's no other way to do it! Good to see you guys! Our blog is if you want to drop by. =)

Melissa and Paul said...

Hope you have a lot of fun!!!! can't wait for the updates.