Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Journey has begun!

We flew out of LAX about 4:15 in the afternoon. It had been a long day to that point, but the boys were in pretty good spirits. Both were very excited when they saw the airplane. When it took off, they were giggling and laughing. Soon the joy and experience of being on an airplane wore off and the reality of a 10 HOUR flight set in. Restless and cramped we made our journey across a very turbulent midwest. I prayed through most the flight which I am grateful to say Heavenly Father heard, cause we arrived safelty in Dublin the next day about 10 am. Tyrone puked twice within the last 45 minutes of the flight but I'm not complaining. Luckily he didnt have too much in his belly.

Once in Dublin, Mandy's Dad, Fran, came to pick us up. Gavin immediatly shouts out, "weedad, your teeth are gone!" pointing out the fact that Fran has a missing tooth. Gavin took him by the hand and walked with him through the airport. Both Gavin and Tyrone have been calling Fran a "Pirate" due to his long beard. It has been a lot of fun in the short few hours we have been here. The fish and chips were amazing and I cried heartily as I wolfed it down. We are all still awake, except for Gavin, but we will shortly be going to bed seeing that we are 8 hours ahead of Las Vegas time. The weather here is very nice at the moment. The sky is blue, and there is a mild breeze in the air.

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The iLLMaTiC said...

When you guys get back we need to hang out... It's been too long!