Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Fun in February

February was a busy month. We took walks through Floyd Lamb Park. I'm so glad it is so close to us and that we got an annual pass. It's such a pretty, peaceful place to go and the kids love running around and exploring.  I hosted Isla's preschool class and we learned about the letter O. O is for Officer (Abbott.) Lucas and I had a few date nights without Aideen, it's been a while. We finally went to the Irish pub in Mandalay Bay called Ri Ra and enjoyed a delicious fry. It's was just like my dad's......maybe not as good, but pretty close. We took a trip to Utah to support Lucas' brother Andrew as he was getting a special ordination at church. We were able to see Grandpa Wood and other family members. What a special experience that was. Lucas took the boy scouts from our ward to tour his police station and they had a fun time and even got some police action figures to take home. For such a short month, it was full of great things.