Monday, October 20, 2014

Niamh is 6 years old

Niamh got to have a friend party this year for her birthday. We rented a Princess bounce house and she invited 8 of her close friends. They had pizza and juice and I had a purse cake made for Niamh. There was lots of squeeling going on with all the girls and they had so much fun jumping in the bounce house and chasing Niamh's older brothers. They wanted Gavin and Tyrone to be their princes. The boys were mortified. I think Niamh had a blast. We woke her up on her actual birthday, singing Happy Birthday and she opened her presents. She was so excited to get a Barbie Dream House. We had family over for cake and icecream later on and continued to celebrate Niamh. Niamh gets so excited about things and she is so full of life all the time. She's my little popcorn, always jumping and hopping around. She is so smart. Her teacher told me she is so ready for First Grade and she is always keeping busy. She learns so quickly and she helps others around her. she is a budding artist and loves to draw all day long. We love our curly haired, sassy, Niamhy-noo.

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