Monday, June 2, 2014

Isla is 3

Isla's 3rd Birthday just happened to be the same weekend that we had Aideen's baby blessing. So, we had lots of family in town for these two special days for our girls. Isla was so excited for her birthday. I made her a princess cake, which she loved. We had all the family come over for a party and Isla got to open her gifts from the cousins. Her actual birthday was the next day, so we had her open her family gifts the next morning. She loved her princess tent that she got and her Minnie Mouse dress and heels. This girl is a little gem. She's always seemed older than she is. She grew up too fast in my mind and I miss my little baby. Isla is so sweet and loves to be cuddled. She loves to sing and from a very early age, she loved to dance. She hears a music beat and will start dancing around the room. She is a great big sister and loves Aideen. She is very helpful and loves to help me when I cook. We love our Isla Maeve.

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