Sunday, March 9, 2014

Tyrone~it's great to be 8

Tyrone turned 8 on March 9th. He was so excited and just like every other year, he had been counting down weeks before. He had an interesting birthday wish list, complete with an ACDC tshirt and a panda express gift card. This boy definitely knows what he wants. He was excited to get a pocket knife from Dad and couldn't wait to be 8 to get that special birthday gift, just like Gavin did when he turned 8. Tyrone asked to have a skate party at Crystal Palace. He invited 3 of his cousins and some other close friends. Tyrone got rollerblades last Christmas and has been practicing skating a lot. He has gotten really good. It was awesome to see his confidence as he skated around the floor at Crystal Palace. Some of the other boys were unsure on their skates at first, but after an hour or so, they were all getting really good. Everyone had such a great time. Tyrone loved sharing his birthday with his friends. The next day, on his actual birthday, we invited family over for cake and icecream. Tyrone requested a cake with a rainbow, and a pot of gold on it, in honor of St. Patricks Day. He loved having all his cousins around to share another special moment with him. I can't believe Tyrone is 8 years old. Where have the years gone? I still see him as my little chubby baby. He has grown into a sweet, sensitive young man. He is so smart and is always looking for things to keep him busy. He loves music and he loves he loves learning new skills and sticks with it till he gets it. We are so proud of him and love him so much!!
Tyrone is so excited to be a Cub Scout
He requested a birthday Pepsi
Cousins; Colt, Tyrone & Luke
Tyrone & his best friend; Cornell
Gavin showing off his skate moves
Tyrone gliding around the floor
Making a wish
Grandma Abbott got Tyrone a King Hershey Bar & Diary of a Wimpy Kid (Hard Luck)

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