Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Niamh is 5

Our little Diva, Niamh Liberty turned 5 years old on October 20. Niamh was so excited and counting down weeks before her birthday. She made sure I knew everything she wanted on her birthday list. We had a busy day on her birthday, because we have church at 9am and we were doing the Primary Program that day, so we had to be there early. So, we woke Niamh up at 6am to give her enough time to open her presents and get everyone ready for church. Niamh also wanted her curly hair straightened for church, so we had to have enough time for that. Niamh loved all her presents and couldn't wait to show all her church friends her new dress and earrings. After church, Grandma Abbott came over for lunch. That afternoon, all the relatives came over for cake and ice cream. Niamh had a wonderful birthday and loved every minute of it. This girl is one smartie pants. She is such a sweetie and loves being part of everything going on around her. She's a princess, but she's also a tomboy. She loves to help and is so good at coloring and drawing pictures. I want to keep her little forever, but I love seeing the big girl she is becoming. We love our Niamhy-Noo.

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