Monday, June 17, 2013

Isla turns 2

Our little Isla Maeve turned 2 years old on June 2. It was fun to see her opening her presents. She took her time pulling each piece of wrapping paper off and loved taking her time. If you can't tell from the pics, she loves Elmo. She got an Elmo dress and an Elmo tote bag and an Elmo chair. She also got a new babydoll, because she loves babies. We had family over for cake and ice-cream that evening. Isla loved all the attention and she had been practicing how to blow out her candles that whole day. She loved her Elmo cake and loved blowing out her candles. Isla is such a blessing to our family. She makes us laugh with all her different facial expressions. She loves to dance and once she finds the beat in a song, there is no stopping her. She loves books. Every night when we tuck her into bed, she has at least four books around her in her bed, that she reads before she goes to sleep. She loves cheese and will eat it all day long. She loves her big sister Niamh and is already trying to steal her big sister's clothes. Ever since she turned two, she has become a little mischievious and we have to keep our eyes on her at all times, or she is bound to get in trouble. She is all personality and we love her so much.

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