Saturday, November 17, 2012

Family pictures

We went to Red Rock last Saturday to take some family pictures for our Christmas card. I just figured we would set up the tripod and take a few pics of us. The day was perfect; overcast and cool. Red Rock is beautiful this time of year with the colors of Autumn against the multicolored mountains. We just let the kids run wild and tried to grab them when we saw a photo opportunity. Then out of nowhere it began to snow. It was pretty cool, the snow was not wet or cold but more like perfect little balls of styrofoam. It didn't ruin our play time. When we were done we got in the van and headed further up the driving trail. Then it began to snow pretty hard and was covering the ground. It was 34 degrees at one point and we were happy that we were in our cozy van. We did let the kids out for a minute to run around in the snow. It was a perfect fall day. These are my favorite pics:


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Kim Bee said...

oh wow they turned out really great! I love them all....the one of tyrone? His eyes and the snow...perfect. Great family ones for chrismtas card....maybe you can take some of us???? jk...but if you want