Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Gavin is 8

Gavin turned 8 on September 19. What a special birthday this is for him. He was so excited once August was over and he was counting down till his big day. We decided to surprise him with a Lazer Tag party. We woke him up the morning, singing "Happy Birthday to you" and he opened all his presents. He got some Star Wars figures, a skeleton hoodie, a ship toy, some clothes and a pocket knife. In our family, the kids get a pocket knife for their 8 birthday. Gavin was thrilled with all his presents. He went to school and after school we took him and his two cousins and two other friends to Battle Blast for his Lazer Tag party. It was so fun. The kids got to play arcade games for about 20 minutes, then we played a 20 minute lazer tag game. Next we ate pizza and ate yummy birthday cake. After we digested a little, we played another 20 minute game. This game was Lucas and I against the boys. We won! It was a great party and Gavin said it was the best birthday ever! The following Sunday we had a family get togther for some cake and icecream for Gavin. Gavin loved all the attention and celebrating this birthday with extended family. I can't believe baby is 8 years old. Gavin is getting so tall and mature and he is so smart. He has struggled a lot since starting school and has had many obstacles but he has overcome so much and has grown so much. He makes friends wherever he goes and he has a great thirst for knowledge about certain things. He is a great big brother and a great son. Gavin will be getting baptized as a member of our church on October 13 and I am so proud of him to have made this decision. He amazes me daily. Happy Birthday Gavin! We love you.



Kim Bee said...

growing up to they'll be heading off on their missions!!!

LEWandBEV said...

Love these pics, Gavin is getting so tall and he is so handsome!! Can't even believe he is 8 and getting baptised already :) Love you Gavin. Happy Birthday!!