Monday, May 7, 2012

Isla @ 10 months

This past month flew by and I haven't updated the blog much. Isla just turned 11 months and I only just realized that I didn't do a 10 month update, so here goes. Isla is such a busy little bee. She is so curious and fast. Now that she has found a way to get around, she loves exploring. She loves to try to climb up the stairs before we can catch her and put the gate up. She loves all kind of food. She is my best eater so far. She will try anything. Her newest foods are Ruby Red Grapefruit and Chicken Nuggets. She loves Strawberries. She is sleeping all the way through the night.....FINALLY! She has even starting drinking whole milk. I think its also safe to say we can by-pass the bottle and go straight to the sippy cup. She is such a big girl. She loves to have her brothers chase her on their hands and knees and she squeels with delight as she crawls away from them. She can stand by herself for a while and she loves to walk if you hold both her hands. We are getting excited for her first birthday. I cannot believe how fast this year went with Isla. She is so smart and just wants to grow up so she can play with her big sister. Why do they have to grow up so fast :(