Sunday, July 17, 2011

31 Candles

My birthday was July 9th. Lucas worked the night before, so he came home my birthday morning with roses (sweet) and I opened up my birthday gifts. I got lots of gift cards (my fav) and CK Eternity perfume. I also got this awesome designer diaper bag. Lucas slept for a few hours and then he woke up, and we had a little birthday party with an Icecream cake to top it off. Then my angel sis-in-law Rachelle watched Gav, Ty & Niamh so Lucas and I could celebrate. We went to the Yard House for dinner. It was awesome and we got there early enough to miss the crowds. Next we went and saw the 4th Pirates of the Carribbean movie. It didn't disappoint. We loved it. We took Isla with us and she woke up during dinner and remained wide eyed the entire night. It wasn't too bad, she wasn't fussy at all. I guess she just wanted to be our chaperone :) I had a wonderful birthday. I'm a lucky girl!

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LEWandBEV said...

Glad you got spoiled! Also you look amazing for just having a baby. Hott Mama !