Wednesday, June 15, 2011


It has been almost 2 weeks since Isla joined our family. She is such a sweet little angel. She sleeps so much and eats really well and is so happy all the time. She rarely cries. When she was born and the doctor put her up on my stomach, she let out a cry and then she stopped, opened her eyes and looked up at Lucas and I. This was such a special moment for Lucas and I. It's hard to imagine her not being in our family, now that she is here.
So, as far as adjusting from 3 to 4 kids. It's a little tough. Thank goodness Lucas took 3 weeks of FMLA time off work, or I would be lost, seriously. This is the first time that I have mastered the art of breastfeeding and I really think it's because Lucas has picked up the slack with the other three kids. He lets me sleep in every morning and is there whenever I need him to do whatever. He is the best hubby in the world. He is amazing. I love him so much!!!
The hardest thing for me right now is getting out of the house in a timely manner. Luckily Lucas is helping me with that now, but what am I going to do when he goes back to work and I am alone with 4. Scary thought! I know I'll manage, it all just takes time. I have this thing about being late, I hate it and I think its a bad character trait to have. So, I'll be getting up as early as I can to make sure I get to where I need to go on time.
Gavin, Tyrone and Niamh have been adjusting each at their own pace. Gavin has had the hardest time with the new addition. He didn't want much to do with me or Isla for the first few days. He is very sensitive and I think he just needed to figure out the change. Tyrone has been so excited for Isla ever since my belly started growing. He would talk to her and kiss my belly almost daily. He jumped up and down when my mam told the kids that Isla had been born. He has been amazing. Helpful, interested and wanting to hold the baby. Niamh has been surprisingly sweet. I was the most worried about her reaction. She loves her baby sister. She comes up to the baby and touches her hair and says "Aww, she is cute." She is a little rough, but she doesn't resent the baby in the slightest.
There is so little time to do everything I need and I am a routine person, so I am trying to get into some sort of routine for the summer. I am so glad our commute to Gavin's school everyday is finally over. 11 weeks, we did it. The boys are very excited to start their new school in the fall. It will be weird to just have the girls for half the day by myself.
I am so grateful to have Isla here. She is beautiful and I am so in love with her. I just sit and hold her and look at every expression she makes and I could seriously do that all day. She is already starting to show her little feisty personality and I can't wait to see who she will become. I have been so blessed with 4 amazing children. They are unique in their own ways but so alike in others. Life is sweet!


jamie t. said...

I am glad that you are surviving. 4 scares me! I am glad that lucas was able to help out so much. It makes such a difference. I am also glad that nursing is going well. It can be so hard sometimes but I think it is so much easier in the end. You guys have beautiful kids!

PS: Are you guys going to be able to make it to the reunion?

Thompson said...

You have the most beautiful children! I can tell you are just the best mother. Congratulations on your sweet baby girl. Isla is so blessed to come to your family. We heard that you might not make it to the reunion. My heart just sank when I heard that. We hope you might be able to come for at least a day. We miss you and hope we can see that darling family of yours soon. Give all those sweet kids kisses for us! Take care

LEWandBEV said...

I love this, thanks for posting how each of the kids are and about Isla. I cannot wait to meet her in a couple weeks :) Glad you are getting some rest while Lucas is out of work, and you will have a routine down great when he goes back. Give the kids kisses from Auntie and See you guys soon!!!

Michelle and Judson said...

Oh my word she is gorgeous, I love love love the dark hair, I hope mine come out like that. She sounds like an angel, can't wait to see everyone soon! Tell Lucas we say hi!