Wednesday, March 30, 2011


So, in Abbottland news, we moved a week and a half ago. We are loving our new home. It is huge and the people who lived here before us did so many lovely upgrades, it was exactly to our taste. The kids don't know what to do with themselves. They have a huge loft/playroom and just run back and forth all day long. The weekend we moved, we took the kids up to Alamo to stay with my mam. We were able to get the basic things unpacked. They have had a lot of their toys packed away for a year and a half and so it was like Christmas when they came back and saw all their toys unpacked. Our neighborhood is so quiet and our neighbors are so friendly and helpful already. There is a lovely park straight across from our house. We are so happy and although there is still lots of unpacking to be done, we are so ready to put some deep roots into this area of town and hopefully stay in this house forever. I know you are all dying for pics. We are painting the kids rooms and their bathroom and I'm a bit of a perfectionist, so sorry, but no pics until every last cardboard box is unpacked and everything has a place. I will say I already have Isla's baby clothes washed and hung up and her crib is all set up in the room Niamh and she will be sharing.
Gavin still has a little over 2 months of school left. We are driving him back and forth to school each day. It is a bit of a stretch to say the least, with me driving close to 100 miles total each day. It is so worth it though. He received an award in school yesterday for bringing up his grades by a whole letter grade. He is doing so well and this sacrifice is so worth it to me. (I'll remind myself of this everytime I fill up at the gas pump.)
Tyrone is such a good helper everyday. He brings me all the laundry from all the rooms and has become a very accomplished dishwasher. He is so excited for Kindergarten. The Elementary school he and Gavin will be attending is just a few streets from our house. They are already begging to ride their bikes to school. We'll see.
Niamh is getting to be such a big girl. She transitioned from her crib to her big girl bed when we moved. There were a few nights of her waking up and getting out of bed and wandering around the house, but she is used to it now and is loving her freedom. She also loves going in her closet and changing outfits multiple times a day. She is even trying to put her baby sister's clothes on, even though they don't fit. She is the first to wake up in the morning, 6:30am or earlier. Who needs an alarm clock? She is always very chipper and tells us all "Good Morning!" She is such a little sweetie. She is also a violent madam. She loves to punch her brothers and pull their hair. They put up with a lot from her, but show her who is boss every now and then.
Isla is growing bigger everyday. I have 10 weeks left of this pregnancy, but I already feel ready to pop. At my last Dr. visit, Dr. H said she was breech. She has some time to turn, but I'm getting nervous that she is going to stay right where she is. It feels different carrying this way and she kicks me right in the side of the groin area, which is very painful. I have heard of Dr.'s being able to turn babies into position, but I really don't want to mess with that. I've heard how painful it can be and how sometimes, the babies turn back right into breech position. Dr. H and I both feel if she is breech, it's for a reason. So, I am praying that she will turn on her own, if not, I guess I'll be having a C-section....eeek!
Lucas is staying at the same area command and commutes every night to work. He actually enjoys having his alone time and listening to his crazy music. I know he is getting anxious to make a change in his job, whether that is to detective or another special unit. He is very happy where he is right now though, so I'm sure once we get settled and Isla gets here, he'll know what he wants to do.
It feels so good to be on our own again and to finally have a place of our own. We are so blessed! Pics coming soon!


The Matlocks said...

Can you at least email family members the pics? We all know you for what you really are, so no need to keep up appearances here ;) Come on MAN! So excited for you! xo

jamie t. said...

Moving is so hard but it sounds like your place is great! Good luck in your last few weeks... I hope that she turns for you. Take care and I can't wait to see pictures.

Lynette said...

Yay for your new house! Can't wait to see pictures. And I hope she turns for you too, a C-section would not be fun! Good luck with the next 10 weeks!!

Nicole said...

How exciting!

LEWandBEV said...

Okay the suspense is killing me though, but it's your house lol. So glad that you guys are getting all settled in and I was cracking up over Niamh, oh my gosh she is such a little granny ;) Love you guys and can't wait to come visit the Abbott B&B!!

Andrea said...

Can't wait to see pics of the new house!