Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Halloween Time

A Witch, Boba Fett & Frankenstein set out for our ward "Trunk R Treat"

Fun with cousins at the YMCA Halloween Party

Tyrone won best costume for his age group at the Trunk R Treat

We only carved one pumpkin this Halloween. We carved it on Halloween night too. We have big plans for next year. At least 5 pumpkins.


jamie t. said...

I love seeing everyone's halloween pictures. Your kids are getting so big so fast.

Don't worry about not carving many pumpkins. We win for the most lame parents because we didn't even carve one. Too busy getting ready for the move. Hopefully they're not going to be scared for life because of it :)

aubri said...

Hahaha! That Frankenstein mask is hilarious! I seriously wish we were in the same ward...it'd be so much more fun that way:)