Thursday, July 15, 2010

Independance Day

We celebrated the 4th of July in Alamo with my family this year. I really look forward to going to Alamo to enjoy the parade and the kids really enjoy the games and booths there. This year was really perfect. It wasn't as hot as it usually is on July 4th and it was just a really laid back day. We made different pizzas for lunch. My sister Trudi made the best BBQ chicken pizza EVER. My family surprised me with a birthday cake and presents for my birthday which was the next week. The kids had a blast swimming and lighting sparklers. In the evening we went down to the church ballfield where everyone congregates with blankets and chairs to enjoy the fireworks. They always do an amazing job with the fireworks and the patriotic music they play along with the fireworks always brings a tear to the eye. It was one of my best 4th of July's by far. I'm so happy to be able to adopt this holiday and I'm so grateful for all the men and women who fought for this country to be a free land. God Bless America.

Niamh Liberty

Gavin & Tyrone after the money spray

Gavin with his "Harry Potter" sparkler

Beverley, Trudi, Mam & Me

Lewis, Bev, Niamh & Mam

Lucas & Me

The boys with their lightsabers


LEWandBEV said...

Well said! We had such a good time seeing you guys and just enjoying the day together :) Love your new page too!

Andrea said...

Love the pictures!

Liz Prisbrey said...

What a beautiful family! I absolutely love Niamh's outfit and bow! She is getting so big. I can't believe it.

jamie t. said...

Looks like fun! Your kiddos are sure cute.

susana said...

What a great 4th of July, love the pictures!