Monday, June 21, 2010

A Day with Nana

The day after school got out for the summer, my sister Kim and I took our kids up to Alamo to visit their Nana. My mam has goats, chickens, ducks and cats. She had acquired a calf who had to be bottle fed because her mom died giving birth and an African lamb who also had to be nursed to health. The kids love playing with the animals and they love having the freedom to run and play. We also went to "Little Ash" which is a local warm springs swimming hole. It was so much fun and the kids loved the fact that the water was warm. Needless to say, the kids passed out on the way home after a busy day.

Ryan, Baili, Jacob, Niamh, Gavin, Nana, Tyrone & Kami


LEWandBEV said...

Love all these pics, Niamh's little rosey cheeks are so cute. I love the one with Mam and all the childers. Wish I could have been there, love you guys!!!

The Matlocks said...

So cute. Niamh is getting so big. The one with mam is so precious :) Can't wait to hit da farm.