Saturday, May 22, 2010

Burley again

We drove up to Burley, Idaho at the beginning of May for my nephew Noah's blessing. We drove to Alamo first and picked up my mam and drove up through Nevada instead of Utah. We saved about 3 hours time. Although it was quite desolate the whole way, Nevada does have its beautiful parts. It was fun traveling up to Idaho with my mam. She kept the kids supplied with candy and entertainment the whole way. Noah's dad Tyler gave a beautiful blessing and the crowning moment was right at the end when Noah blew out in his diaper. He's a natural :) We spent a lovely 2 days with Trudi, Tyler & Noah. We stayed with a couple, The Halls. We actually met them in Ireland where they were serving their mission. We've kept in touch over the years and come to find out when Trudi and Tyler moved to Burley, the Halls were their neighbors. Small world. We had a lovely visit with the Halls and they were so kind and hospitable.
About 10 minutes into the trip

Isn't he the cutest little man ever?

The kids played at "Storybook Park."

This one shows how much fun they were having.



Andrea said...

How funny, what a small world! Love the pics, your kids are so cute. Oh, and Trudi's Noah too.

The Matlocks said...

Cute Pics. The boys bare bums...they'll cry later on :) We miss you guys and can't wait for July!!! xoxoxo

Kim Bee said...

haha lol at the boys taking a whiz!

aubri said...

So I clicked on your blog and the first picture was the first thing to load out of the whole site! It seriously had me laughing out loud! That sounds like such a fun trip. Nothing's better than being with family:)

LEWandBEV said...

The bums hahaha, too cute. and the cousins pic with lil Noah, adorable!!! Niamh is getting so big, she is turning into a little girl :)