Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A Time Of Need

I mentioned in my last post that my father-in-law, Garth Abbott was diagnosed with IBC (inflammatory breast cancer.) He has been told that this type of aggressive breast cancer is automatically at a stage 3 or 4. Time is of the essence and he needs to start chemotherapy right away. Unfortunately he doesn't have health insurance. Chemotherapy for 4 or 5 months is about $105,000. My sister-in-law Rachelle has started an online auction on her blog. There are lots of wonderful items up for auction. If any of you would like to bid on the auction, you can go to or if you would like to offer up something for auction you can contact Rachelle Abbott at No donation is too small.
Thank you!


aubri said...

That is such neat idea. I will check it regularly and tell my friends! I need to think of something good to donate. Best of luck and our prayers go out to your family. We love you guys and I know that Daniel especially loves Lucas' dad.

patti said...

I would like to talk with you if possible.
Please see our foundation at:
I know this is a hard time, and hope you see this posting.

Patti Bradfield, President
The Inflammatory Breast Cancer Foundation

Liz Prisbrey said...

I am so sorry to hear about Garth! I think what you guys have started with the auction is a wonderful idea. I will try to come with something I can donate but I have scanned the list and I know there are definitely great things on there I want. Is there a way we can just donate money? Do you have a fund set up somewhere? Our prayers are with you guys and we love you. :-)

Chris A. said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your faither. Stacy's mom was diagnosed with cancer, and we know how hard it is. Do you have a paypal account I can donate money to or an address I can send a check? email me at