Thursday, September 17, 2009

Fun at the Lake

This past Saturday Lucas' brother Jason and his wife Susana invited us to go out on their boat with their family to Lake Mead. It was a beautiful day, a little windy but perfect all the same. That was the first time we've ever been on a boat together as a family. We had a terrific time, the kids loved it and it was the perfect way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

Cousins; Cade, Tyrone, Josh, Luke & Gavin.

Gavin & Tyrone were so happy to be at the Lake.

Right before we jumped in to swim.

Tyrone would not get in the water, but he enjoyed a Capri Sun.

Niamh was not too happy with the lifevest, but she got used to it after a while.

Lucas, on the surf board, he was on there forever. Lookin good!

Gavin & Lucas on the innertube, Gavin had such fun doing this. He couldn't stop smiling.


Kim Bee said...

cute pictures.....i didnt even know you guys went out there...this week was sorta a blur! We hardly talked...good to see you at spin today tho - great music huh? Mam wouldve loved PROUD! Cya tomorrow xo

Rachelle said...

Looks like fun! You look great Mandy keep up the hard work. . . .I know the pounds don't melt off by themselves.

Chris A. said...

I'm glad to hear things are going well in Abbottland. We need to get out there to visit you.

Kathy Miner said...

What fun family time together. It looks so refreshing!!

Liz Prisbrey said...

It's been years since I've been to the lake. That looks like so much fun! I bet my kids would love inner tubing.