Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Fathers and Sons

Gavin, Tyrone and I went on the annual Fathers and Sons camp out. This was at Mount Charleston. Im not a big camper or outdoors person, but the boys have been begging me for weeks to go camping.

Mandy had packed us a pretty good "survival" lunch so we wouldnt starve 40 minutes away from home. The minute we arrived the boys asked for their lunchables, and of course Tyrone ate the Butterfinger first. They sat on top of Grandpas truck and ate their food.

The cousins; Wyatt, Waylan, and Colt also came up for the evening. Gavin and Tyrone has a great time exploring and looking for patches of snow. We all made marshmallow guns. There was a family competition of shooting cups off of a table. The prize was two LED flashlights. Tyrone and Gavin begged me to win them. All the Dads toed the line to shoot their marshmallow guns. I fired one shot knocking our cup off the table. Tyrone started yelling "we won, we won." The boys were happy to claim their prize. I was happy just to beat out all the other Dads.


Renee' P said...

That's so great that you took time to go camping w/your boys! I bet they just loved it!
That's great that showed up all the other dads in the shooting contest.

aubri said...

How fun!! Have I told you guys lately how in love with your kids I am?! They are SO adorable! And good job Lucas for winning the flashlights! Woo hoo!

Liz Prisbrey said...

What?? You don't like camping or the outdoors?? It hurts my head just to read such nonsense! :-)

Great job shooting the marshmallow gun!! I'm sure your boys loved the trip!