Tuesday, November 18, 2008


My mam knit this cardigan for Niamh. It is so soft and warm.

I've been slaking a little, but I have a good excuse. No sleep! Niamh was 4 weeks old yesterday and is getting little chubby cheeks and is happy as long as she is fed and has a clean bum. I love just cuddling with her. She loves to fall asleep on my shoulder and I could just breathe in her baby scent all day long. Lucas says she has my temper already. She likes to be in the same room as us and cries if she is in a room alone. She actually smiled at me the other day and when she was eating, I heard a little chuckle. I remember yawning right about then, so I don't know if that is why, but it was sweet. I find that there is no time in the day to do everything and somedays I don't even get to check my email. The boys are doing a lot better adjusting. We are back to a routine but they are so wild and crazy. I guess it's just boys! Lucas has training all this week so he has been gone during the day. Although I enjoy having him here at night time, it's hard being stuck without a car. We only need one car right now because he works nights and I have the car while he sleeps during the day. I am hungry all the time, but I only seem to want to devour whatever chocolate is in sight. Not a good idea if you're trying to lose baby weight. We are excited for Thanksgiving and Christmas of course. Is it just me, or are the Christmas celebrations starting earlier each year. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Christmas! The boys ask every day if we can put up the Christmas tree and I can't hold them off much longer. So, I think this weekend we will be trimming the tree. EXCITING!!!

This Friday, my sis Trudi and her fiance Tyler and watching Gavin & Tyrone while Lucas and I go out on our first date post-baby. Niamh of course will be joining us (I'm not ready to leave her with anyone yet.) We are planning to go see the much anticipated "Twilight" movie. Lucas is such a good hubby, he is willing to come along and watch it with me. I know it won't be as good as the book, but I'm still excited. I'm anxious to hear what you other Twilight fans all think.


Melissa and Paul said...

I can't believe she is 4 weeks already!! time flys uh? She's just grand. Have fun on your date.

Renee' P said...

She's just perfect Mandy! She looks a lot like you I think.
Our Rose is 4 wks old today! Time flys huh!
I am a huge Twilight fan too! I am going to see it on Friday w/a friend! I can't wait!
Love ya babe!

aubri said...

Niamh is really beautiful! I made Daniel look at all the new pictures cause she just looks so perfect! I seriously, can't believe she's already 4 weeks old! Time flies!

Let's all wish eachother luck with the twilight movie! (I'm nervous I'll hate it cause the books were so good) Have fun with Lucas though and enjoy your time out!

Liz Prisbrey said...

Life is an adjustment when ever a new baby comes along, but you seem to be handling it great. Just enjoy every possible moment with that little girl. I feel awful I haven't come by yet. Now I feel even worse because she already looks so big. Things are just non-stop around here. Hopefully they will slow down soon and I can come smother her like a new baby should be!

So excited and nervous about the Twilight movie too! I'm hoping we can see it sometime, but it might have to wait until Thanksgiving weekend. Let us know what you think!

Nicole said...

In that last picture. I can totally see your boys in her. She is going to fit right in!
I feel like I am missing out on something huge because I never got into the Twilight books. Next time "everyone's doing it" I am going to totally jump off that cliff.
Have fun decorating your tree.

Angela said...

Hey Mandy, I too am "forcing" Aaron to go watch Twilight with me on Friday after we have our ultrasound. I'm glad your little girl is doing well and the boys are adjusting and she is such a cutie!

Soren and Kilee Nickels said...

I really liked the movie. It wasn't an Oscar winner or anything, but I loved who they cast and it felt like a great supplement to the book. Hope you guys enjoyed it. I went with some girlfriends, but I think Soren wanted to see it to try and understand all the fuss. :)