Monday, June 30, 2008

Ballymoney Beach in County Wexford.

We went to Wexford this past Wednesday. It is a county located in the southeast.We stayed in Ballymoney which is outside of the town of Gorey. The whole area is very rural and there are a lot of farms. We stayed with a family friend called Micheal. He is a farmer and lives two fields away from the beach. His house is situated so whatever window you happen to look out, you can see the ocean. It's beautiful! Wednesday was a beautiful day so once we got to Ballymoney, we headed straight for the beach. It was probably 60 degrees at the most but it was pretty warm when the sun came out. We all rolled up our pants and went to the waters edge to dip our toes in. Gavin and Tyrone loved seeing the waves crash at the edge and Gavin went in a little too far and soaked his pants. We took off Gavins pants and shirt and he went staight in up to his hip level. The water was freezing cold, remember it's the Atlantic Ocean, but it didn't phase Gavin at all. He kept running in and out and when the little waves crashed right at the edge he would squeel with delight when the water splashed up on him. Tyrone wasn't as adventurous but he did splash in the water right at the edge. Both boys had fun picking up dry sand and throwing it in the water and looking for sea shells. We had a lovely time at the beach and it reminded me of the summers my family and I spent swimming and sunbathing on this same beach.

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