Sunday, June 1, 2008

Abbott Update

This last week was a busy one. Mandy was finishing up her Preschool classes, I had my four days of work, and every afternoon we had some type of activity. On Thursday my brother Jon brought us out to see his horse! The boys loved it.

I had a great time myself, and Mandy, even in her pregnant state took the horse for a ride. This is an activity we could all get use to. Mandy's Aunt and Cousins came into town from Ireland this week for a Holiday. That was fun as well.

I had an interesting experience at work the other night. I was on a traffic stop on the south end of Las Vegas and we had pulled into a parking lot. I approached the drivers side and my partner was on the passenger side. I hear a terrible crash and turn around to see that the passenger side of my patrol car was just smashed into, by a Ford F-250 truck. My partner goes over to check to see if the driver of the truck is ok, and when he does I hear him calling to me for help. I run around the truck and find my partner on the ground fighting with this guy who had just crashed into us. He was drunk and drugged up on something. I jumped on top of the suspect to help pin him down but he is very strong and is starting to stand up. I wrapped my arms around him with all my strength and threw him back down. My partner was able to get one of the hand cuffs on, but the guy pulled that hand away now, giving him a metal weapon attached to his wrist. The guy rolled on to his back looked up at me with two clenched fists and was slowly bringing back his hand to punch me. Before he could hit me I punched him right in the mouth with my fist. It was probably the hardest I'd ever hit anyone cause I almost broke my hand. My knuckles swelled up and so did the guys face. However the fight didn't stop there. He then threw a punch at me with the handcuff which missed my face by inches. I bear hugged his arms so he would stop punching while my partner used his baton to hit the guys legs. Even 10 strikes with the baton did not stop him. Finally I scream at my partner to use his taser. After two, 5 second cycles, the guy gave up. After it was over he was still unhappy and from what I hear he tried to fight the Corrections Officers down at the jail as well. I went to the hospital to have my hand checked out, and all is well. Crazy way to end my work week! My vacation is almost here and it cant come fast enough!


Jared Autrey said...

Yeah! This story is better every time I read it!

jamie t. said...

Wow, what a tale! I am glad that you are ok. I love hearing the stories so keep them coming... but be safe :)

Prior Adams said...

Wow, that is a crazy story. Did you try tickling him? That is what my brother used to do. I would start to laugh, and then couldn't fight back.

Melissa and Paul said...

Wow!!! glad every was ok in the ebd.

Renee' P said...

Wow, that sounds like something from COPS, the show! I bet you've been on that. So, what happened to the car that you had pulled over before the crash? Glad that you didn't get seriously hurt! What does Mandy say when you tell her stories like this one?

Karissa said...

Hi Lucas and Mandy! I just wanted to say hello... You have a super cute family! How fun!

Take care!