Thursday, April 3, 2008

Our Beach Trip

So we went to Santa Monica last weekend just to get away. The morning we left, we went by the beach. Gavin loved the sand right away and was happy to run in it. Tyrone, on the other hand did not like the feel of the sand between his toes. He was very uncomfortable with it. We walked to the edge of the water and dipped our toes in. It was freezing, Gavin enjoyed this, but Tyrone, was once again not happy with this experience. Tyrone did enjoy the experience at times and those moments were caught in the pics above. We are going back to California this weekend for a funeral of a dear friend of the family. We are hoping to be able to spend some time at the beach again and hopefully get Tyrone used to the glorious feeling of sand between your toes....


Renee' P said...

Your boys are soooo cute Mandy! And congrats on #3! My sister-in-law is due on the 8th of Oct.
Keep in touch w/me through our blogs!
Love ya!

Jes said...

Those boys are so cute. It's crazy how much they look alike. I hope Tyrone learns to love the beach, good luck next time.