Thursday, April 17, 2008

Gavin at school

Gavin has been attending a pre-K school program. His favorite thing about this is riding on the bus! Every morning he gets so excited to put on his backpack and just waits until he hears the bus coming down the street.
Gavin really loves big trucks, cars, and anything with big wheels. That's why he loves his Papa's truck. He also has a talent in pointing out vehicles driving down the street and tell us who's mommy or daddy has a vehicle like that. I will not be suprised is he owns a car dealership someday, or is a Nascar driver. Gavin will be 4 years old in September.


Renee' P said...

Oh, how cute. I can't believe you have a 4 yr old!

Lynette said...

Too cute. It was so good to see you guys last night. I cant believe how big your boys are. I kept thinking Tyrone was Gavin! SO, how are you feeling these days?